Johnsonville grillers come in many flavors. They also come in two different size packages, 4 1/3 pound patties or 6 1/3 pound patties. You can choose from these delicious flavors: 

                         Swiss cheese and mushroom

                         Cheddar cheese and bacon

                         Original Brat

                         Cheddar cheese

                         Steakhouse onion

                         Fresh original bratwurst 

                         Steakhouse seasoned

                         Sweet Italian sausage

You can click on this link to visit their site. On the site you can see the different flavors and sizes, as well as visit the product finder which allows you to check and see if the one you would like to try is available at your favorite store!

I went with the Swiss cheese and mushroom grillers. There are little chunks of Swiss cheese and mushrooms already in the party! The size of the party is perfect, and doesn’t cook down to nothing. Which I honestly thought would happen. The taste of these burgers were great, I really was able to taste the Swiss cheese and mushrooms! I’m not a fan of the texture. To me, it’s like butting into a sausage burger of some sort. The inside of the party even looks like sausage, even after cooked. Now, I’m a finicky texture person! My children didn’t even notice it say anything other than “can I have another one”! They absolutely loved them!

These will defiantly be bought again in our home over the summer, I think they will be an awesome quick meal for the kids and give them a little something different, while not having me sweat over the stove!

I received this particular product courtesy of @crowdtap & @Johnsonville for a contest. These are my opinions and are in no way the opinions of the above mentioned. 

Written by:

Amanda Bellard



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