Fast-Acting Advil

Have you tried the new fast-acting Advil®?

~It goes to work in MINUTES on tough pain!

~Ultra-thin Film-coating, makes it easy to swallow!

~Unique FAST ABSORBING Advil Ion Core®

~Nothing works faster amoung OTC pain relievers

So far I have had a great experience with the new Advil®! Im a long time sufferer of migraines. Here’s the thing about migraines, a product has to be tried multiple times before knowing if it can be a go to for pain relieveing, in my opionion. Plus, even if something works one time, doesn’t mean it will work another.  Last week I tried it out. It seriously did work faster! I usually have to wait til the second dose for something to relieve anything, my migraine was relieved in like 20 minutes tops!

So far, the new fast-Acting Advil has made a spot in my medicine cabinet!


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