allure Beauty Box July 2015

Allure beauty box

July 2015

$15/month plus free shipping

You get 5-6 beauty, hair, or skin care deluxe size samples with the occasional full sized products delivered to your door on a reaccuring subscription. The box also comes with the allure mini-mag which explains each item in the box for that month. It gives a little intro on each product and why the allure contributing beauty editor’s picked them. This box is formally Sample Society, the allure plus collaboration.

You can get yours here:

My July 2015 allure beauty box:


As you see, I received 6 products this month! Yay! There are:

~OSCAR BLONDI pronto invisible: volumuzing dry shampoo spray

~Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil: heat/uv protective primer

~Supergoop! Defense refresh setting mist with rosemary: Broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 50

~ESTEE LAUDER advance night repair eye serum

~ESTEE LAUDER Sumptuous Infinite mascara in black: daring length + volume

~invisibobble: the traceless hair ring 3 pack


~OSCAR BLONDI pronto invisible: volumuzing dry shampoo spray(1.4 ounces) a clear dry shampoo for all hair types and colors that enables you to skip a shampooing or two(or 3 or 4, hehe) by absorbing excess oil and adding volume to dirty hair. You can also use it on clean hair to add some grip for easier styling.

I love dry shampoos! I love getting them in subscription boxes because I could never have enough! I would much rather try them before buying them because so many leave the white gross finish that we all dread! This one does not! I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the scent, I’m honestly a little disappointed because it reminds me of lemon pledge. Hopefully I can get that out if my head because it’s a really awesome dry shampoo and doesn’t leave the white yuckiness and does add a little volume!

Full size: $25 for 5 ounces

~Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil: heat/uv protective primer( 1 fl oz) A light spray oil for all hair types that protects hair from heat and UV damage. It also adds shine and softness! It goes on clear

I am a sucker for scents and this smells amazing! It reminds me of Harvey Prince hello perfume plus a hint if coconut.

Full size: $27 for 8.5 ounces


~Supergoop! Defense refresh setting mist with rosemary: Broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 50(0.5 fl oz) it’s a matrifying make-up setting spray with broad spectrum sun protection. It helps keep your make-up from fading, minimalizws shine, and adds SPF 50 protection.

This had a unique scent. At first it smells like sunscreen but then quickly turns into a minty sunscreen kind of scent. Also, at first I can kind of feel it on my face, kinda a film I guess, but within one minute it’s gone and I no longer feel it, but can still smell it, and Im liking it!

Full size: $28 for 3.4 ounces

~ESTEE LAUDER advance night repair eye serum(.14 fl oz) This is an anti aging serum for the eye area. It addresses pretty much and concern you void possibly have including wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness, and unevenness. This sample comes in a cute little pump bottle.

Full size: $65 for 0.5 ounces


~ESTEE LAUDER Sumptuous Infinite mascara in black: daring length + volume. This is the first time I’ve tried this mascara and I love it! It glided onto my eyelashes with no clumps, so smoothly. It definately added length and volume! I’m adding this to my favorites! Below is my before and after pic.

Full size: $26

~INVISIBOBBLE: The traceless hair ring 3 pack in black(full size) these are artificial resin hair ties. They look like an old time phone cord. They are for all hair types and are supposed to keep hair from having any kinds of bumps or ridges while pulled back as well as a no slip grip while using minimal ppressute. It says to remove carefully to avoid yanking out any hair. I added photos below of my hair in one. I have it wrapped around 3 times. I’m kinda liking the way my ponytail itself looks in them and it does feel pretty sturdy, so we will see how long exactly it stays in place. They come in many different colors ranging from clear and black to pink and blue, and everything in between.

Full size: 3 pack for $8


IMAG1134_1 IMAG1133_1

Here are a few photos of my ponytail held up with invisibobble after a whole day. Now keep in mind, I have 5 children of which all are under the age of 8. 4 of them are under the age of 5. I have not brushed my hair, nor have I tightened it at all. I was yring to see how long and how it would hold up. Also, my hair is kind of thick and only a few inches away from my rear. I tried to get it from many angles, hope this helps!


I am looking down here, so it’s kind of leaning to the side.


I think invisibobble passes the test! What do you think?

I really enjoyed my box this month, as always allure delivers! I’ve been a member for over a year now and can honestly say I’ve only been a little disappointed once because of the sample sizes.


11 thoughts on “allure Beauty Box July 2015

    1. I’m still checking it out myself! I can tell you that I’ve been wearing for a few hours now and it really hasn’t slipped one bit! What I’m going to do is add a pic to this post And the time slot I have it in before I go to bed to show how well it stayed for that time length. Hope this helps!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really think that thin hair would do awesome! Like I said my hair is kinda thick, and after a full day, it barely budged and I do a lot of up and down and bending…..rant, rant.. I’m also gonna stick to using the same one, so I’m a week I can compare sizes to see if it’s stretched. I have 3. I’m definately gonna be buying other colors. There is even a clear one! I didn’t think of this sooner but I’ll post a pic of it in both of my daughter’s’s really thin and see how it does in theirs


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  2. Ok, so in my opinion it’s definately better than a regular ponytale holder! It took a lot from me to not touch it, as I’m a person who plays with my hair all day, lol. I did catch myself twirling to t in my fingers a few times but other than than, high five me!, I didn’t touch it otherwise! I’m going to keep using it and update again in a week, let’s see if there will be any stretching.


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