My Favorite FREE money SAVING & gift card EARNING apps and websites!

$$$ CHA-CHING $$$

My favorite money SAVING & gift EARNING apps!

Straight to the point: I LOVE SAVING MONEY AND EARNING REWARDS!!!! I am a mother of 5, and while these apps aren’t going to pay your mortgage, they will definately satisfy a little shopping addiction by earning great gift cards, pay pal deposits, and so on! Yay! Right?! All you need is a smart phone, while some can be done on your computer, to get started!

At the top of my list at:

#1 is ibotta

check out my earnings in less than 2 months:




I know it’s kinda hard to read, but my life time earnings is at $140.95 and I have a balance of $15.95 that is available for me to cash out now. Cash out options include PayPal, venmo, and 9 different gift card options including Amazon, Wal-Mart, best buy, aeropastle, and Starbucks(sorry, I can’t remember exactly all, but there are 9, I know that)

ibotta helps you earn for your everyday purchases in-store with a few online offers as well. Items to earn back on range from groceries, fresh fruit and veggies, to bread, chips, milk and so on. There are also offers on shampoos and cleaners. One of my favorites that ibotta offers is called the any brand rebates. While most rebates are for specific products, ibotta will offer a few random rebate offers on any brand. For example there could be a rebate for any variety, any flavor frozen pizza.  Another added bonus that ibotta offers rebates on are gift cards that you buy. For example, say you buy a $100 best buy card, and do it through the ibotta app, you will receive a rebate of $10 added to your account! Amazing, right?! Now, while there are normally hundreds of rebates, Here is just a couple screenshots to give an idea of a few offers right now:


Ibotta also has a teamwork section. While each person has their own rebates and account, there is a section that bonuses can be reached with your team. For example, each month there is a new goal. Say the goal for July is to reach $8 in rebates for yourself you will receive and extra $2,  and then if your team reaches $15 together you will both receive an extra $3 bonus. After those have been reached for the month you can unlock an addional July bonus….and so… Here is a screenshot of the teamwork bonus section, maybe that will describe a little better what I had trouble putting into words, hehe:Screenshot_2015-07-21-00-40-20

You can join my team here: and receive a signup bonus as well! Joining my team will earn you free money as long as you complete enough offers to stay active. I’ve only been a member for about 2 months and I’m just learning the bells and whistles to really earn extra, and I myself normally reach the bonuses, which would earn you money too! Awesome right?!

Here are a few examples of other bonuses:

this is the seventh generation bonus that I completed. Now, not only did I receive the $1 for the bonus, I also received $1.00 for redeeming the seventh generation dish soap rebate and $1.50 for redeeming the seventh generation hand soap rebate. So that was a total of $3.50 for both! Like getting one free plus!


Now this is the get more bonus. By unlocking this bonus, I then had 5 more any brand items added to be able to be redeemed. Like the pizza one I mentioned earlier, or the paper towel one pictured above.


Here is the July boost bonus:


Here is a screenshot of a few more examples of bonuses:


#2 would be Saving Star

#3 Receipt HOG

If you would like to join me on Receipt HOG, enter code: sut31882 in the referral section while creating your account to earn an extra +5 spins ON THE SLOTS! OR YOU MAY CLICK THIS LINK:

I’m using Receipt Hog to get paid to take pictures of my receipts. Check it out! Use my code sut31882 & we both earn more!

#4 Receipt Pal

#5 Checkout 51

#6 SBTV Swagbucks TV

I love swagbucks! There are daily polls, movie previews, short surveys, long surveys, missions, searching….so much here, and earn gift cards here:

 #7SNAP by groupon

Yes, this is by the growingly popular groupon, where there are awesome deals! Grouponnow offers a grocercy receipt rebate app called SNAP!

You can join me on SNAP here:

#8 Shrink

If your thinking about joining Shrink, click here: and get an automatic $1 bonus in your account

#9 Shopkick

Get kicks by joining shopkick at:

#10 Checkpoints

Enter emmasonsmommy as your referral code for checkpoints and earn extra with me!

#11 Wal-Mart savings catcher

#12 Cash Yourself

Get free Gift Cards with Cash Yourself! Download from . This is my FeatureID: 4b2665a28c07b256 enter at registration and earn!

#13 TopCashBack

Check out, I have installed their Phone App and it can save you loads of money. My Referral Link is:

#14 Berry cart

Join Berry cart at:

#15 Ebates

Ebates is a website or an app that you simply go to, and then simply click on the store that you are wanting to shop at. It automatically transfers youctocthat store where you will then earn cash back! So so simple! After signing up you will verify your information and then they automatically send you a check. You don’t have to cash in, or keep track of points. Join here and earn a free $10 gift card!

r link below

#16 InstaGC

Is to me, just like swagbucks! Follow on Facebook and Twitter to see your points quickly add up with bonus codes. All you do is enter a code that they post before it expires! Join here: 

#17 GrabPoints

Make money with the best free money app – GrabPoints! Get 500 points with my invite code – OET8AU.

As I have put in some of my other posts, I will be updating soon. I am having a crazy last 2 weeks. Not only for the last week has my family that we haven’t seen in almost a year came visit, I am also in the middle of moving 7 hours away. So please bare with me. I’m trying to get these all out there! Hope you have a wonderful money saving/making/earning day!


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