ATTITUDE Little Ones Shampoo


           Little Ones Shampoo



little ones


So there is a new line of children’s bath products at Target called ATTITUDE, how cute, right?! The affordable product line includes shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and body wash. All of their products are made from what they call “worry-free ingredients” and are hypoallergenic! There is also a line of adult products I can’t wait to try which includes shampoo for color treated hair!

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out each product but I have tried the little ones shampoo. There is something about this shampoo that I am loving! One of the reasons is the scent. I dont know quite how to describe it though. It’s like a mixture of the average baby scented bath product with a little bit of freshness added. I really like it because I have 5 children that range in age from 8 years of age down to 9 months of age and I can bathe my baby and he is so pleasently fresh like I love a baby to be. Then, I can lather up my 8 year old daughters hair with the same shampoo and dont have to hear her mouth that it’s a baby shampoo! It’s like the best scent for all worlds! Another plus of this shampoo is that my children do not scream and cry when it accidently runs into their eyes. Lots of baby and children’s products claim to be tear free but once they are in the tub and trickling down my cute little ones faces it’s a whole other story.

I love the name, ATTITUDE….it was made for my 8 year old. She really doesn’t realize it’s not just her shampoo. I normally have different shampoos for each age range. With this one, everyone is satisfied!

Here is a little bit about them, their meaning, and their motivation:



And ingredients I can pronounce!


Directions I can follow!


I did receive this product free compliments of influenster and ATTITUDE for review/testing purposes, however all statements are of my own unbiased opinion!

@ATTITUDEliving @Influenster #ATTITUDEatTarget #NurtureVoxBox


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