My Favorite FREE money SAVING & gift card EARNING apps!

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$$$ CHA-CHING $$$

My favorite money SAVING & gift EARNING apps!

Straight to the point: I LOVE SAVING MONEY AND EARNING REWARDS!!!! I am a mother of 5, and while these apps aren’t going to pay your mortgage, they will definately satisfy a little shopping addiction by earning great gift cards, pay pal deposits, and so on! Yay! Right?! All you need is a smart phone, while some can be done on your computer, to get started!

At the top of my list at:

#1 is ibotta

check out my earnings in less than 2 months:


I know it’s kinda hard to read, but my life time earnings is at $80.20 and I have a balance of $30.20 that is available for me to cash out now. Cash out options include PayPal, venmo, and 9 different gift card options including Amazon, Wal-Mart, best buy, aeropastle, and Starbucks(sorry, I can’t remember…

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