First off I would like to say this mission Dove is on Is awesome! They are on a mission to promote the younger crowd to embrace and #LoveYourCurls .Here’s a copy of this really cute e-book, that you can download, Dove has put together!

Now about the product, I’m in love! I have naturally wavy/curly hair. Not wavy, but I wouldn’t say completely curly either. I tested this out in all different ways. Normally if I were to wash my hair with my normal shampoo and conditioner and let it dry, my hair would be a huge poof! With lots of frizz! I have to have some kind of product to help, wether it’s frizz cream, spray gel, curl moose, I’ve tried it all. I washed my hair with Dove absolute and the applied the conditioner and let my hair air dry. This is how awesome this product is, I haven’t even applied the after serum yet(it says it can be on damp or dry hair) because I wanted to see my hair with each. My hair has no frizzy, and it’s so soft and smells amazing! After seeing the results after it dried I applied the serum, and now I have flawless curls! If you are a person who suffers with frizzy, this is the shampoo set for you! Now about the scent….I was not crazy about the scent right out the bottle, itndoesnt stink, but its kinda perfumey, after all washing, conditioning, and serumming, I love it! It smells fantastic! Pretty different from straight out the tube. I will definately be continuing the system of Dove Quench Absolute!!!!! And really suggest anyone with any kind off curl or wave to their hair give it a try!!! I did receive these Dove products in a free Party Pack to test and review and give my honest opinion. All opinions in this review are of my own and totally my own unbiased opinion.



    1. This stuff is amazing! I need to update this post because I believe the longer I use it, the better it gets. I can actually use the shampoo and conditioner and not have to use a product afterwards!


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