Chiara Bella Elussive Dreams sleep mask

~Chiara Bella~

~Elussive Dreams~

~sleep mask~

Do you Wish You Could Sleep Better?

Of course, don’t we all…..then You NEED this, the Elusive Dreams comfortable sleep eye mask!


This cute sleep mask comes in a dainty little mesh type drawstring bag that is perfect for storing when not in use. It comes with a bonus that is some ear plugs, and has a great section on the band of the eye mask to slip them in and not lose them! The outside of the mask is satin and so so soft! The inside is a microfiber feeling material that is so soft and smooth on my skin.I love that this mask is adjustable! It’s so simple as it is Velcro.

There are a couple of other awesome bonuses that come with this Chiara Bella Elussive Dreams sleep mask. They have included a Few free copies of some of their ebooks including “Sleep Solutions” which has many awesome tips, “Snoring and Sleep Apnea”, and also “Insomnia and Sleep Disorders”. These ebooks are jam packed with knowledgeable information, you have to check them out!

Another bonus is the option to register your mask which they back 100% and something free a discounted on a future purchase!

I highly recommend this Elussive Dreams sleep mask as it does what is supposed to do, it blocks out the light perfectly! Definatley a mask and company to check out! And you may do so here:

I received this Chiara Bella Elussive Dreams sleep mask at a discounted rate for reviewing/testing purposes, however, all statements, experiences, and pictures are of my own and of my own personal unbiased opinion!


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