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HERS by HERMAN affordable, sensual, and sexy lingerie!





and sexy…


So I have found a great line of lingerie on Amazon. They include bras, panties, sets, and singles. I love them and figured I’d share them with you as I would have never found the FAB-U-LOUS affordable sets on my own as well. 

Firs one up:

A beautiful HERS BY HERMAN WOMENS CROCHET rozor back,  front closure bra…..link: https://www.amazon.com/HERMAN-WOMENS-CROCHET-RACER-CLOUSRE/dp/B00XLIZFQC/ref=cm_rdp_product

~This is a really cute bra! Not only is it a cute bra, is a cute razor back bra, which is not normally the case. Razor back bras are normally plain, and this HERS BY HERMAN WOMENS CROCHET rozor back front closure bra has pizaz! This bra gives great support and has a thin lining, with a thin layer of cushion. its not padded, but its not a push-up with the extra padding at the bottom piece of the bra either. It’s just a smooth, fully, thick lined bra! It has a front closure that is really easy to hook. And the back….omgoodness the back of this bra is adorable! It’s so sensual and cute, yet sassy and sexy, if that makes sense. It’s crocheted, and is a cute crocheted design that is a mixture of a heart and butterfly morphed together, that’s how I would describe it anyway.

This crochet razor back bra goes for only $8.99! Yes that is correct….$8.99! It comes in black, ivory, and beige or a 3 pack of all colors for only $19.99!    FAB-U-LOUS RIGHT?!






#HersByHerman #Lingerie

I received this HERS BY HERMAN WOMENS CROCHET rozor back,  front closure bra at a discounted rate for reviewing and testing purposes, all statements, experiences, and pictures are of my own and of my own personal honest unbiased opinion! I was not compensated for this post!

Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals

Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals with Natural Ginger
I am a mom of 5, of which 2 of my children get car sick as well as my husband. We recently took a road trip and were in the vehicle for a total of 5 hours. I gave each of my 2 children and husband a dose 30 min before we left. My youngest that gets car sick had a little trouble swallowing as they are average capsule size, and she is 3. It worked amazingly! No one had any action in the vehicle!!! And everyone was alert and able to enjoy out time out! This is def a must! I love that it is natural and can be given to all family members if needed.
I received this product to test and review courtesy of influenster, although these are strictly my own unbiased opinions.