SKA Studio Waist Trainer 102FA

First off I’m going to start by saying that with my experience with Waist trainers, the sizing is normally off. I am a med or sometimes a large in most clothing and langerie that i buy, and other corsets that I have ordered I was given a heads up of them running small so ordered a size or 2 up. This one is FAB-U-LOUS AND ON POINT! To help you with your sizing I am a size med or larger… Or 10 or 12….. I am 5’4″ and 180 lbs….I am a 38D. I ordered a size Medium, as I wanted it a little snug, as I was in the process of loosing weight,  and it is great! With that being said, if you do not want it super tight…stick to the large!



Now onto the goodies! And boy what goodies this SKA Studio Waist Trainer 102FA is! It’s absolutely stunning! This is a nude color, and one of the best nude colors I’ve seen in a while, it has no yellowing color to it! The detailing is so amazing, this waist trainer has a 3 layer technology to it, and let me tell you it pulls everything in! And keeps it there, this is quality! You will definately receive the curves you are looking for here!




I received this SKA Studio Waist Trainer 102FAng set at a discounted rate for reviewing and testing purposes, however, all statements, experiences, and pictures are of my own and of my own personal honest unbiased opinion! Reference ID d4e1c5e4e7e1


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