4 Piece Doll Beach Dress set

There are so many perks to this Doll Club of America LLC 4 Piece Beach Dress set!



One being that the American doll clothing is nearly unaffordable, for doll clothing, for most of mankind! Some of those outfits cost more than my actual outfits! These are affordable and fit the American dolls, as well as other 18″ dolls! And the best part I’d that they,are so cute, and vibrant and detailed that your little doll lover will never even be bothered by this!

Another great aspect of these Doll Club of America LLC 4 Piece Beach Dress set is the adorableness! The detail and vibrancy is outstanding! As well as quality! They are very well made, all stitches in place! The accessories that come with this beach dress are adorable as well! They are so darn cute! The beach bag that,is included with this set is great,for the doll, and also for your doll! My little girl likes putting her play rings and other little toys inside it when she is not playing dolls. I love the little flower that is on the bag, it’s so detailed and adds so much character to the set! As is the little doll sunglasses and headband!



This 4 piece is just cuteness! All the way around! You can check it out here, and yes! You are seeing the price correctly!


I received this Doll Club of America LLC 4 Piece Beach Dress set at a discounted rate for reviewing and testing purposes, however, all statements, experiences, and pictures are of my own and of my own personal honest unbiased

opinion! https://www.giveawayservice.com/p/f2b7e2d1/a7b6d4a8 Reference ID b4b8b4e4a7b1


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